Wax LED Candles

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Wax LED candles add elegance and warmth to any room. Create a romantic ambience in the bedroom, use an attractive arrangement as a dinner table centrepiece or place candles on the windowsill to celebrate the winter solstice – no matter where you use them, flameless candles are both beautiful and practical.

These candles use LED light to mimic the moving flame and flicker of a traditional candle, and they’re coated in real wax, so they look, feel and even smell authentic. But just because they look simple, don’t underestimate the power of a flameless candle! These superheroes of illumination can provide years of candlelight safely and efficiently. They can also be programmed or controlled with a remote for the ultimate in convenience.

Consider switching to wax LED candles for peace of mind. Safer for your family, better for the environment, beautiful and economical, flameless candles are a great addition to your home.
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Traditional Look, Cutting Edge Performance

Humans are hard-wired to appreciate the flickering glow of candlelight. Ever since we discovered fire, we’ve kept its light at the heart of our homes. However, living with fire is not always a good idea. Too many house fires, injuries and deaths have happened because of a single careless moment with an open flame. In recent years, technology has allowed us to develop flameless candles: products that combine the warm glow of fire with the safety and convenience of long-lasting LED lights.
Flameless candle companies have worked hard to replicate the look of traditional open flame candles. LED lights are programmed to mimic the moving flame motion of conventional candles, with randomized flickering effects, which add to the illusion. The result is such that the vast majority of people would be unable to tell the difference between candlelight and flameless candlelight.
Some flameless candles take authenticity even farther by making their products with real wax. This ensures that LED candles will look, feel and even smell like their traditional counterparts. 

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